Frequently Asked Questions

Saddle services bill at $125 per hour. There are additional fees for repairs and adjustments. We charge a base travel fee of $25 within Fort Collins. For appointments outside of Fort Collins, travel fees increase based on mileage and are split among clients seen each day.

If you’re interested in booking a saddle service bundle or want more information about them, please email

We can take cash, check or card onsite. We can also send you a link to pay through our online store. We do not accept Venmo at this time.

If you are scheduled for a saddle fitting appointment and looking to purchase a new saddle, please be prepared to ride in both directions and in all three gaits. If we are evaluating your saddle, we are always happy to watch you ride before and after we do adjustments, however, it’s not always necessary.

If you are working with a trainer, we recommend scheduling a time where they are available to give their valuable input. If you are shopping for a new saddle, the person/people who frequently ride the horse should be at the appointment so we can asses their needs as riders. If family member’s or friend‘s opinions are imperative to your decision, please have them there as well.

Nope! After your saddle fitting appointment, we hope to leave one saddle with you for a seven day trial. We want our riders to get at least three rides in a saddle before making a final decision, to make sure they are confident in their saddle. All saddles left on trial need to be purchased or returned to the store on the 7th day.

In most cases, the saddle team can do flocking adjustments onsite! We can also exchange gullets and do minor stitching repairs while we are at your barn. For complete reflocks, tree evaluations and major flocking adjustments, we need to schedule a time to have your saddle in our workshop for about a week.

Please have your horse(s) caught, groomed and standing in a flat area where they can be comfortable and relaxed. We will need a saddle pad, girth and stirrups for test rides, so it is a good idea to have these easily accessible (we will have extra if you need to borrow some). Please have all tack that you want evaluated in the area we will be working.

Saddle Fitting

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Consign Your Saddle

Let us help you sell your saddle.

Saddle Repairs

Offering leather and saddle repair services.